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About Cryovault

Our​ Beginning​

Cryovault was found to meet the needs of families in India who are considering umbilical cord blood stem cell storage. Established in 2015 under the leadership of 4 visionaries, we are an ethically driven company committed to delivering high quality service at highly affordable prices. We are accredited and licensed by the IFDA, DCGI, ANSI, and ISO 9001

Why Choose Cryovault?

Cryovault is India’s own Cell Preservation and Processing Center. Our lab is located in India’s silicon valley Bangalore, and is strategically placed out of seismic and flood zones . With services such as CD34, CFU, NBS, and HLA at a very minimal price, we make it possible for anyone to afford. We offer the best before and after sales services and ensure quality process in every step.

Cryovault is India’s own Umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation center.

For over 6 years parents have been preserving their baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells for various medical treatments. Preserving your newborn’s umbilical cord provides your family a chance to save and change lives. Umbilical cord stem cells if not only perfectly match the baby but also the siblings, parents and other close family members in most cases.

Why Enroll With CRYOVAULT

Our Team

“Private Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Licenced by Govt. India Lic. No : KTK/28F-05/2015 ” Accredited by ISO 9001:2015 and GMP

Admin Team

* Main Power Resource
* Client, Sales & Lab Team Coordination
* Payment Follow-Up

Public Relation Team

* Service Approachment
* Presentation and Query Completion
* Registration / Enrollment & Client Consent to the CBIPL

Medical Assistance Team

* Pre-Collection: Kits ID & Client Details Verification.
* Collection: Ensure UCB & Maternal Volume, Mixing and Filling up Delivery Details.
* Post Collection: Proper Package, maintain cold Condition & Transported with in 48 Hours.


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Our Team
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