Newborn stem cells
are a powerful resource

Your baby’s umbilical cord contains both cord blood and cord tissue,
which are rich sources of unique stem cells that have potential for healing.

Why Preserve Your Newborn Stem Cells

Your newborn’s umbilical cord contains life-saving stem cells. They can be used to treat over 80 different diseases, including cancer, blood disorders, and immune system disorders. Banking your baby’s cord blood gives your child a chance to receive life-saving treatment with their stem cells, but may also give a chance to treat their siblings, parents, and other close relatives.

Amazing Potential

Each baby comes into this world with amazing potential to save or improve their own life or the life of others.

Building Blocks

Stem cells are the “building blocks” or “master cells” of our bodies with the ability to become different types of cells.


To date there have been over 60,000 cord blood transplants that have been performed worldwide. StemCyte provided 1 out of every 26 cord blood transplants

Why Should Your Family Bank Cord Blood?

Cord blood provides a valuable source of stem cells that can be used in the treatment of various medical conditions, such as leukemia and other blood disorders. These stem cells, collected from the umbilical cord at birth, offer potential therapeutic options for both the child and, in some cases, compatible family members.

How it works

Cryovault provides 3 easy steps to preserve your child’s cord blood stem cells.


Sign up through our easy enrollment page and the CBR collection kit will be sent to you.
Call our toll free number
18001 024 026


At birth, the umbilical cord blood (and tissue if selected) will be placed into your CBR collection kit. Call our toll free number 18001 024 026


Following delivery and collection of stem cells, you will need to call our medical courier at 18001 024 026 to arrange transfer to Cryovault laboratory for processing.

How We Can Help You?

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Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood Is a Rich Source Of Stem Cells.
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cryovault cord blood storage facility offers a vital service that every parent should consider. We're thankful for their dedication to securing our baby's health for the future.
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The decision to store our baby's cord blood was made easy thanks to the knowledgeable and supportive team at the Cryovault facility. We feel confident knowing we've safeguarded our child's well-being.
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We had high expectations when it came to preserving our baby's cord blood, and this facility exceeded them. The professional approach and care given to this vital process are truly impressive.
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Cryovault's service was excellent. They were available round the clock, explained everything clearly about stem cell storage, and the prices were reasonable. Happy customer here!

What Parents say

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"Choosing Cryovault for our stem cell storage was one of the best decisions we made for our family's future. Their professionalism and dedication to preserving our child's health is truly commendable."


"I am grateful to Cryovault for providing top-notch stem cell storage services. Their knowledgeable staff guided us through the process with ease, giving us peace of mind knowing that our baby's future health is in good hands."


"Cryovault exceeded our expectations in every way. From their state-of-the-art facilities to their exceptional customer service, we feel confident that our decision to store our child's stem cells with them was the right one."


Cryovault Stem cell banking

Be Prepared for the Unknown.

You only have one chance to preserve your baby’s life-saving stem cells, and that’s the day they are born. Secure your family’s healthy future by enrolling in stem cell banking today.

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