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Newborn Stem Cell

Stem cells have the remarkable potential to regenerate into any kinds of cells or tissues. This unique property of a stem cell is exploited in medicine for the treatment of diseases, such as anemias, cancers, inherited metabolic disorders, and deficiencies of the immune system. The umbilical cord has been identified as a rich source of these stem cells. At the time of birth, the umbilical .cord is collected in a safe and painless manner, and they are processed and cryo preserved for many years.

Cryovault, we help you create a secure future for your child’s health by preserving the newborn’s stem cells under advanced clinical conditions for years. These cells could be utilized at any point of time in the future in regenerative medicine.

What are Cord Blood Stem Cells Used for?


A cord blood stem cell transplant can be used to replace diseased cells with healthy new cells, and rebuild an individual’s blood and immune system. More recently, cord blood stem cells have been shown to be able to form other tissues in the body such as nerve and bone cells.


Cord blood stem cells have considerable potential in regenerative medicine. Research has shown that these cells are capable of developing into a range of cell types such as nerve, bone, skin, heart and liver cells to name a few. More recently they have also been shown to have the ability to stimulate the body’s own repair systems.


These exciting developments have already translated into early clinical treatment of ischaemic heart disease and some neurological conditions. The future of regenerative medicine holds much promise and cord blood is likely to play a major part in this advancement in our ability to treat human disease.

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