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Why to Choose Stem Cell Banking?

Cryovault Stem Cells

India Trusted Stem Cell Banking Storage Company

Stem Cells are used in medicine for the regeneration of damaged cells or tissues
in our bodies.Its application is vast,covering a wide range of over 80 diseases.
As parents,we take utmost care protecting the baby,from child-proofing the house
to giving the best of everything.:Preserving the cord blood stem cells is a way to ensure the availability of stem cells at the time of need in the future.

When is Stem Cell Banking Necessary?

  • A high-risk family medical history of disease(s) currently treatable by cord blood.
  • A sibling has a medical condition treatable with cord blood.
  • There is high risk of premature delivery.
  • You are a mixed-race couple, thereby making it difficult to get a bone marrow match.

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