Benifits of Stem Cells

Newborn Stem Cell

Uses and advantages of stem cells:

  • 80 plus blood related disorders:
    with the help of stem cells we can cure these type of disorders. “Like” Leukemia, anemia, Talassemia, sickle cells, breast cancers, etc
  • Degenerative Disorders:
    when we are growing we may be suffer some disorders. Like, joint pains, kidney problems, liver problems, loss of hearing, etc
  • Congenital disorders:
    Disorders may comes by birth or at the time of birth. Like, hole in the heart, loss of hearing, etc. these disorders are treated only by stem cells. 
  • Autologous and also Allogeneic purpose:
    Stem cell are not only  useful for autologous and also helpful for allogeneic purpose, autologous means baby own purpose, allogeneic means baby’s biological siblings and biological parents, baby biological grandparents. 

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