Cancellation, Refund & Replacement Policy

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Cancellation, Refund & Replacement Policy

The following policy applies to products purchased only on Refunds, cancellations, or replacements are not available for products, kits or tests purchased from an unauthorized reseller, dealer or distributor etc. Users must provide proof of purchase in order to be eligible for a refund, cancellation, or replacement for purchases made on the Website.



The website or such other interlinked website (“Website”) of Cryovault Biotech India Private Limited, its subsidiaries & affiliates, associates (collectively referred to as “Cryovault”) as modified, reinstated, changed from time to time at Cryovault discretion serves as a platform for its visitors, clients, customers etc (“User”) to know the products and/or services of Cryovault, to avail the products and/or services.

Under what circumstances can you avail replacement or refunds?

The User is eligible for a refund under the following circumstances:

Type of ProductRefund/Replacement Scenarios
  • Demise of the baby during/ immediately after birth
  • Emergency delivery/complicated delivery
  • Abortion/Miscarriage
  • Personal/Financial reason
  • Missed informing the Cryovault expert to collect the sample
  • Cancellation by the User due to low sample volume or similar reasons
  • Cancellation by the User due to sample rejection
Diagnostic/Medical Tests
  • If the report has been challenged and no appropriate justification has been provided or the report is invalid
  • If the test report is not released within the agreed or such other reasonably extended time no proper justification is provided by Cryovault
Self Collection Kits
  • Incorrect self collection kits delivered
  • Missing components in the self collection kits
  • Delivery of damaged self collection kits
  • Delivery of expired self collection kits
  • Discontinuation of services post receipt of self collection kits
Cosmetic Products
  • Products delivered incorrectly
  • Ordered items are missing
  • Delivery of damaged products
  • Delivery of expired products (in rare cases)

Refund & Replacement Policy

If the claim is found to be valid in any of the above cases, a refund will be issued as follows

  • The User can choose between Cryovault Biotech India Private Limited Wallet and other avenues to get the refund. The amount refunded to your wallet will be available for 11 months only from the date of refund. Unused amounts in this wallet will be forfeited if it is not used within this timeline.
  • Products purchased through cash will be refunded through fund transfer to the User’s bank account through which the initial purchase was made which is subject to verification of proof of such cash payment. It is hereby clarified that any cash payments without a valid system generated receipt are invalid and Cryovault Biotech India Private Limited does not assume any responsibility or liability for such cash payments. Cryovault Biotech India Private Limited has not authorized any of its employees or agents to issue manual receipts.

Prior to sample collection:

  • Product/services canceled prior to sample collection are eligible for partial refund after deducting the applicable charges#
  • Full refund of the amount paid at the time of enrolment is applicable for cancellation of a service agreement between the User and Cryovault if such cancellation is due to non-collection of samples because of unforeseen medical reasons/complications or death of the User/child at birth. The same should be certified by the primary physician
  • No refund is applicable on any opened/tampered, unused kits. If the order has been received and the User does not wish to use the same, we recommend the User to safely discard the kits.
  • If the kits received are found to be damaged or the seal is tampered with, the User is recommended to not accept the delivery. In case the kit components are found to be damaged, the same may be returned to Cryovault for a refund within 15 days of receipt supported with proper documentation/proofs in the form of images and or videos.

Cancellation Policy
User Cancellation

The User can cancel an order prior to sample collection or post sample collection. Refund on such cancellation will be applicable on full,partial or pro-rata basis as mentioned in the Refund and Replacement Policy.

Cryovault Biotech India Private Limited Cancellation$

Cryovault Biotech India Private Limited reserves the right to cancel orders if it meets the criteria mentioned below
Products ordered are not for personal consumption by the User but for commercial resale
Multiple purchase of products made by the User using the same incorrect address
Product undeliverable due to incorrect address provided by the User
Any unlawful practice/malpractice by the User while placing an order
$ In such cases, no cancellation charges/refund is applicable

How to raise a cancellation/refund request
To cancel, log into your account through

Go to ‘my orders’
Select the order you want to cancel/refund and click on the cancel/refund button
Select the reason and upload relevant documents
Time period for refund
Refunds are normally processed within 4-7 working days based on the sample status and payment process. Further, the refund depends on various banking and payment channels. Interest charged by the bank providing the EMI Scheme till the time the request for return or cancellation is raised will not be refunded. We are not responsible for any errors or delays in refund due to banks or third party service providers.

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